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Equipped to Handle The Job 

At IMMI, we have invested in the right equipment so rest assure your job can and will be done with the best, by the best. 

Our capabilities go far beyond our equipment alone.

We pride ourselves in the expert knowledge our staff has acquired

throughout the years.  

Flow Waterjet


Our Flow waterjet can cut virtually any material, any shape, at any thickness while holding to precision tolerances.​


With our Ironworker, we can perform structural ironwork fabrication, notching and hole punching, plate and rod shearing/bending.

Piranha Ironworker


Our DM-1318P Hydmech gives us the capability to saw material to the customer’s exact specifications with great efficiency which in turn reduces overall costs.

Hydmech saw


This machine allows us to shear any material up to 10 feet in length

Atlantic Shear


With our Accupress any sheet metal forming or bending is possible up to 10 feet in length.

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